Our Mission

Our mission at ‘From me to PNG’ is to improve the facilities  of education institutes in Papua New Guinea.  We plan to do this by delivering unwanted/ unused resources, school supplies and sports equipment to build and develop schools from the people of New Zealand to Papua New Guinea. We have made this our mission because we believe we will be bettering the level of education, increasing literacy rates and giving PNG kids the same opportunities as Kiwi kids.

Our long term vision is to have developed multiple schools throughout Papua New Guinea and to have provided the resources needed to increase education for children of all ages. This not only will have an impact on education but in adult literacy and employment rates.

We want to feed the future of this beautiful country knowledge to fuel their potential and passion to lead, develop, grow and succeed. 

A little bit about PNG Culture and its people …

Papua New Guinea is known as the ‘Poverty of Opportunity’

Today there over seven million people living in Papua New Guinea – more than a third of them live in the mountainous rugged Highlands . Papua New Guineans are rich in culture, kept alive through rituals that follow deaths, feasts, marriages, compensation ceremonies, and sing-sings.

More than 800 local languages (in addition to many minor dialects) exist in PNG – about a third of the world’s indigenous tongues. Pidgin (Tok Pisin) is common to most Papua New Guineans, and learning a few words can be handy, especially when travelling in more remote areas.

The flag of Papua New Guinea
The flag of Papua New Guinea